City University of New York.  Graduating class of “Financial Literacy & Wealth Development” course by Ana Armstrong, AMEX Analyst.

City University of New York. Graduating class of “Financial Literacy & Wealth Development” course by Ana Armstrong, AMEX Analyst.



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Young Movement, Inc. has proved to be successful programmatically and fiscally since its founding in 2009. Thanks to supporters like you.


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We have served over 2,000 young New Yorkers since 2010 to sustain their socio-economic livelihood.

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The Green Space for Young Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Young Green Space) is a seven-year running, contract-based program – modeled after the Yale Entrepreneurship Institute – that was launched in 2011 to 25 Brooklyn College students, giving them the tools to launch careers and ventures in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). Through its ten-week hands-on and interactive training program the young “makers” and “creatives” were coached to develop and/or find sustainable employment. The well tried curricular includes: 21st Century wealth development and management, finance and accounting, technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, business law and health and wellness. All the knowledge tools required to launch a thriving enterprise.



In 2011 and 2013 instructed 50 young adult fellows were enrolled in pilot programs at Brooklyn College and Hostos Community College. Post-project surveys and comments showed a significant impact on key entrepreneurial variables.

For instance, 45% of the fellows reported, “creating a financial plan and monitoring their credit scores,” while 47% “benefited most from understanding how to succeed in the new economy,”

Others, still, projected “starting their own business by the age of 30”, due to what they acquired from the courses. And when asked if they would recommend the finance module of the program, one of the fellows said, “Definitely, a superb crash course” and another, “I am motivated to build my wealth rather than spend it.”




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The YM Second Annual Awards in 2011 recognized people and organizations in service of young New Yorkers. 


we also raised sustainable operating funds for fy 2012

Young Movement, Inc.  is a registered not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), action tank that promotes sustainable socio-economic solutions for young New Yorkers through research, advocacy, and partnerships.

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