The fund

Action-Taskforces For Change.


The direct action of our work emanates from three taskforces: Micro-Venture Capital Fund, Legal Services Fund, and Community Wellness General Fund. Together, they will propagate long-term change and sustainability for young Americans.

1. Micro-Venture Capital Fund

The goal of this taskforce is to promote a free member-driven “micro-venture capital fund” for small enterprise innovation. 

A grassroots direct and online drive is utilized to ensure that youth have the start-up funds and funding access opportunities to operate as "creatives" and "makers."

2. Legal Services Fund

The mission of this taskforce is to broadcast the scope of legal options for entrepreneurs, and address those crises frequently faced by young innovators e.g. start-ups technical development, LLC formation, strategic litigations, cash bail, etc.

To nurture and develop young innovators in urban neighborhoods, such as Weeksville, Brooklyn, require that the underlying barriers to success are addressed. Youth involved in the criminal justice dragnet, for instance, need assistance to commute or vacate the legal liabilities that often  hinder their success as innovators. 


3.  Community Wellness General Fund

The third and final taskforce, though no less important, is one that takes on myriad issues that arise due to the current political climate or public policy. For example, affordable housing, comprehensive health and nutrition, immigration and religious rights, ballooning student loans debt, etc. All of these and more, play a significant role in giving young entrepreneurs the space and ability to participate in the  21st Century Modern Workforce. 

These member-run taskforces will determine the needful actions to launch and sustain their respective goals. 



Brooklyn Public Library, 2016
Martin Luther King, Jr. Panel & Breakfast - Social Movement's Yesterday & Today