THE R.a.p.

Research, Advocacy, Partnerships.


Young Movement, Inc. provides provides youth development and community-based economic empowerment programing through direct- and in-direct services that is informed by research,  advocacy, and partnerships (RAP).


Without it we can't know what works and what doesn't. Often institutions depend on anecdotal evidence that is not substantiated by evidence. As result, public policy is usually ineffective at best, and a total failure, at worst. 

We take direct survey where young people exist and live. For example, in 2014, our staff attended the Afro-Punk Festival to discover what #(hashtag) issue was important to them. Thereafter we developed campaign drives and programs and models that incorporated that qualitative street data.


We have formed a wide array of partners in the public and private sector to sustain our model, projects, and strategic plan.

Our dearest partners are the youth, young adults, and professionals that we have directly worked with to reach their full potential - personally and professionally.

Institutional partners have also played a critical role in advancement. One of our earliest partners upon our founding in 2009 was Carver Bank, a historically black owned financial institution. Most recently we've been supported by the Brooklyn Community Foundation to test models such as the "Young Entrepreneurship Project in 2016."

We are extremely thankful for all our partners and look forward to developing new ones.


No social movement is not political, its been said by political theorists.

Our model promotes the idea that advocacy is the natural effect of research.  We seek to create legislative and action-based solutions that would benefit the welfare of youth. 

In years past we have advocated for sustainable jobs, healthcare, political participation, affordable housing, student loan reform, etc.


Afro Punk Festival Young People of the Republic of Brooklyn, 2016.