Socio-Economic Model.


Weeksville Women Recognition Awards & Young Innovators 2016


Our model utilizes empirical data and well supported facts that show that STE[A]M Entrepreneurship Training + Wealth Management + Community Development & Leadership = Successful 21st Century Workforce For Youth.

Young Movement has provided multidimensional coaching, program development, direct service delivery, and advocacy for New York City youth and young adults for almost ten years. We work to develop young New Yorkers at various points of their development: high school graduation, college success, adult employment, and business development/employment.

Our focus on comprehensive empirical data collection is important for longitudinal analyses. So we track various socio-economic variables from recruitment to graduation and beyond. Ultimate success is measured by not only seeing that 250-STEAM enterprises are launched by 2020, but by measuring to what capacity they are sustainable for the individual, the greater economy, and environment – given that these enterprises will be in the “Green Sector” of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Furthermore, we measure success through data analysis – qualitative and quantitative – and peer-reviewed studies and publications to determine impacts and barriers in education, income, wealth, health, etc.

At completion of the project or upon obtaining start-up grants, we measure: How many small businesses filings were completed? How much in revenue did the enterprise return in the long- and near-term? Did it stay viable for more than three years? Was the enterprise able to grow? Did the business employ marginal support staff or auxiliary workers? Was the company in a position to allocate an endowment/divided fund at the Young Green Space Project? Was the enterprise able to receive additional funds to expand e.g. series A, B…venture capital funds?

Finally, we maintain a copious compendium of data that is managed to reveal snapshot and trend reports of project outcomes and successes. A fee-based, semi-annual report is produced and presented to youth- and community-based practitioners, city agencies, and other relevant institutions, summarizing the outcomes and deliverables of the Young Green Space Project model, as wealth as the health of young economy in New York City.