Sponsor A Campaign

We have identified four areas in which our work can best affect change and improve the socio-economic livelihood of young New Yorkers.

Please support the initiative you feel will best impact youth. Your donation will directly go into implementing one of the following programs.


The Young Green Space at Weeksville


The Green Space for Young Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Weeksville (Young Green Space Project) is the newest iteration of our flagship Financial Education, Employment and Leadership (FEEL) project that debuted at Brooklyn College in 2011. Its a hands-on and interactive workshop that nurtures next generation innovators  More information →

The Local- & Micro-Venture Capital Fund


The Young Movement advisory board in conjunction with the newly created “Innovations Taskforce” and “Local Micro-Venture Capital Fund” through a quarterly SWOT Analysis will produce best-practice guidance for governance, management, and operations of the Young Green Space Project at Weeksville. More information →

Research & Advocacy


The Young Green Space Project will measure various key variables from recruitment to graduation and beyond. Ultimate success will be measured by not only seeing to it that 250-STEAM enterprises are launched by 2020, but to what capacity they are sustainable for the individual and the greater economy and environment – given these enterprises will be in the “Green Sector” of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. More information →

General Wellnes Fund


Criminal justice reform, affordable housing, immigration reform and religious rights, student loans and finances, healthcare, affordable higher education at CUNY and SUNY, are some of the issues the general wellness fund will support via action-based drives, panels, forums, conferences, social and direct media blitz', etc.  . More information →